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Flowers Clouds & Rainbows: A Few of My Favorite Things

"Creativity is my lifelong Passion, exploring ideas and materials and looking at ordinary things differently" 

01 Sep 2023
Carmel, NY
Kelly Edwards, Scott Garrette
FLOWERS CLOUDS & RAINBOWS: A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Works by Scott Garrette created between 2020 and 2023.

Flower Series - Consists of three styles incorporating assemblage and mixed media techniques using wood shapes, acrylic paint, shaped styrofoam, printed digital designs, plexiglass, epoxy resin and foil paper.

Each piece celebrates the small flowers and their persistence and determination to grow no matter the conditions.

Clouds Series - Inspired by the studio view while working at Lake Mahopac, NY.The series combines different materials, like wood, plexiglass, acrylic paint and epoxy resin, in an effort to capture a moment in time of the physical and emotional beauty of an experience that can too easily disappear.

Rainbow Series - A celebration of colors and their interactions.Each piece begins with a selection of paint colors to apply to the colored plexiglass panel. The paint is pressed to the surface and then spread using different pressures and speed to force an interaction of the colors. Sometimes everything goes together harmoniously and other times more interactions are needed before coming to a peaceful visual resolution.

A special addition to the show are the "Energy Sculptures." This series is inspired by an idea that behind all of our thoughts and the stories running through our heads is an energy that only others can see. Made using plexiglass, wood, metal, PVC panel and acrylic paint. Each piece is a representation of an individual in a setting showing what's on the inside - where the colored plexiglass represents the physical energy of the body and the transparent pieces are the thoughts and stories.

View a Catalogue of the artwork included in this exhibit.

  • Flowers Clouds & Rainbows: A Few of My Favorite Things Scott Garrette

Artist's Bio

Scott Garrette is from Kansas City, studied at Baker University (’94-’98), and moved to New York in 2008.
Garrette focused on mostly abstract painting and functional pottery in school, and started a pottery business with a friend just out of college while continuing to paint. He designed and built a “Straw Bale” art studio in Lawrence, KS (2002-2006). Garrette has exhibited work in Kansas City, MO.- Baldwin City, KS.- Lawrence, KS.- Beacon, NY. – NYC – Mahopac, NY.

Scott Garrette

Scott Garrette

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