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Welcome to Arbor Gallery, a dedicated haven for fine art showcasing the talents of local artists from the picturesque Hudson Valley and beyond. 

Under the ownership and curation of the talented artist Kelly Edwards, Arbor Gallery is not just a venue; it's an artistic journey. Kelly, a fellow artist, crafts her own works onsite, infusing the gallery with a unique and personal touch.

Our gallery proudly features exhibitions spanning various mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, oil paintings, collage, photography, and mixed media. The diversity of styles and techniques creates a dynamic and engaging experience for art enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Candlelight yoga with stacy basinger goodman
But Arbor Gallery is more than just a space to admire art; it's a versatile venue for a range of events. From artist workshops that spark inspiration to book launches that celebrate creativity, and from yoga sessions that promote well-being to mindfulness courses and meditation events, the gallery offers a holistic artistic experience.

Conveniently situated in the Promenade on 6 building at 1875 Route 6 in Carmel, New York, Arbor Gallery provides easy access and ample parking, inviting everyone to explore the world of art in a welcoming and accessible environment.
Whether you're a seasoned art lover or just beginning to appreciate the beauty of creative expression, Arbor Gallery promises an enriching and diverse experience for all. Come join us on this artistic journey in the heart of Carmel.

Let us know if you would like to bring your talents to Arbor Gallery, or if you have questions about our events.
Arbor Gallery Logo

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Promenade on 6 at 1875 Route 6
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